In the first episode of The Molar, Dr. Burnham gave an overview of wisdom teeth. In today’s blog, Dr. Stearns expands on that topic and outlines five things you should know.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted (Removed)
Extraction is necessary when they are prevented from properly erupting within the mouth. They may grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum and even remain trapped, or impacted, beneath the gum and bone.

What are impacted wisdom teeth
An impacted tooth is one that did not fully or properly emerge through the gums. It could be that there is not enough room in the gums for more teeth, or that the teeth are coming in at the wrong angle. Sometimes a tooth is partially erupted, which means that only part of the tooth came through the gums. Partially emerged teeth can be difficult to clean, which leads to plaque accumulation and tooth decay.

Problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth
Impacted wisdom teeth can cause several problems including: damage to other teeth, pain, gum infections, extensive tooth decay and cyst.

Wisdom Teeth Can Mess Up Your Tooth Alignment
If you’re like many people, then by the time your wisdom teeth come in, you’ve long since worn braces and had them removed. Impacted wisdom teeth can force your other teeth out of their original positions, potentially undoing the effects of the braces you put up with when you were younger. They can also affect other previous dental work like bridges, crowns, and partial dentures.

Some people don’t have wisdom teeth
Don’t worry if you don’t have wisdom teeth. Some people just don’t grow them.

To learn more about wisdom teeth, click here.

If you are experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth or interested in scheduling a consultation, please call us at 303.451.6767 or click here.

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Dr. Burnham




Andi is part of the Burnham Oral Surgery and is affectionately known as “Pants” around the office. She tells you a little bit more about herself and why she enjoys being a part of Burnham Oral Surgery below.

Q: How long have you been with Burnham Oral Surgery and when is your Burniversary?
Andi: “I just celebrated 2 years! I started September 2, 2015.”

Q: What is your title and in your own words, describe your role.
Andi: “I was half of the front desk, I just recently moved to insurance coordinator so slowly learning all that!”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Burnham Oral Surgery
Andi: “I know this sounds cheesy, but honestly my team. Work is work, but when you work with people you consider as friends it all becomes more fun. They are all hilarious, and we all get along so well.”

Q: When not at Burnham Oral Surgery, where can you be found in Colorado?
Andi: “I love to hang out with my dog, go to concerts (more specifically at Redrocks). I also am a huge foodie so anything to do with food, or drinks I am in!”

Q: Tacos or pizza?
Andi: “TACOS! All day every day!”

On September 12, 2006, Burnham Oral Surgery opened at 300 East 128th Avenue.

Every day since we first opened, I have been a firm believer that it is a privilege to serve this community and I am very thankful for the opportunity. In addition to myself, I know that Dr. Stearns and the entire Burnham Oral Surgery team shares my thoughts on the privilege we have had.

These past 11 years have been great.

2017 has been a big year for us and we look forward to a strong finish, an incredible 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to be your oral health care provider.





Dr. Burnham

You’re at a family cookout throwing the football and out of nowhere, bam!! The kids (or maybe adults), even though they have been told to play elsewhere, toss an errant throw and there goes your permanent tooth. Another scenario, perhaps proper care was not given to teeth at an early age and the result is a tooth loss due to decay. No matter the scenario, a missing tooth can hinder your mouth both functionally and cosmetically. At Burnham Oral Surgery, we are here to help you get your smile back and dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth.

In an earlier blog post, Dr. Burnham gave a brief introduction to the dental implant and noted that more and more people are getting dental implants to replace missing teeth. Whether the tooth was lost due to an accident, decay or disease, the dental implant is the best long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.

And here’s why:

Dental implants provide the feel, function and appearance of natural teeth

There are many options that can replace a missing tooth, but the dental implant is the only solution that provides the feel, function and appearance attributes.

Dental implants can preserve bone and stimulate growth

Acting as a substitute for tooth roots, when the implant is placed, the jawbone forms a bond with the implant and creates a stable foundation for replacement teeth.

Dental implants are built to last

Many solutions to a missing tooth are often classified as short-term solutions. Dental implants are the complete opposite. While they may need an adjustment at some point, it is built to last. With proper care, the implant can last a lifetime.

Dental implants, as with any surgery, is a major decision. Additionally, dental implants require a team effort for the best success. At Burnham Oral Surgery, our goal is to provide you with personalized care and comfort throughout your treatment. That starts with the day of your consultation.

Ready to schedule a consultation? Call us at 303.451.6767 or click here.

Fall is a great time of year. The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing and the Broncos taking the field are just a few of my favorite things. The fall season also means the beginning of the new year for the 5280 Study Club.

After a great 2016-17 year that saw oral health professionals discuss topics ranging from implant biomechanics to clinical issues and highlighted by a trip to the Seattle Study Club National Symposium in Orlando, members of the 5280 Study Club will build on last year’s learnings with the specific goal to provide the best possible care to all patients that walk through their door.

The 2017-18 year kicked off last night with a meet & greet at Ciancio’s restaurant, followed by some rounds of miniature golf and go-carting at Adventure Golf and Raceway (believe it or not, we like to have fun).

It was great to see returning members such as: Dr. Shawna Berndt, Dr. Samantha Campbell,    Dr. David Chavez, Dr. Taylor Goggins, Dr. Manny Paguio, Dr. Naomi Sever, Dr. Mark Smith, Dr. Jaci Spencer and Jerry West.

Additionally, it was great to meet some of the new members like Dr. Kelly Halligan and Dr. Edward Lee.

To me, the 5280 Study Club is a group of oral health professionals committed to elevating the standard of oral health care in the Denver metro area. Through a shared vision, dedication to excellence and continuing education each member of the 5280 Study Club is committed to the promise that every patient that comes into their care is receiving the most personalized, professional and innovative care.

As we look toward a strong finish in 2017 and forge ahead into 2018, I am excited about the learnings that will be provided by the 5280 Study Club.

More importantly, and as you may already know, our goal at Burnham Oral Surgery is to provide you with personalized care and comfort throughout your treatment.

The 5280 Study Club is one my favorite ways to ensure myself, Dr. Stearns and the entire Burnham Oral Surgery team is working towards that goal.

Dr. Anne Stearns joined Burnham Oral Surgery in March after spending the previous year at Summit Implant & Oral Surgery in Loveland, Colo. Originally from Cheyenne, Wyo., Dr. Stearns earned her undergraduate and DDS from Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., before completing her Oral Surgeon training at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

Now back West and closer to family, Dr. Stearns is happy to call Colorado home and serve the Thornton and Greater Denver area. Below, she gives a few details about herself and what she loves about being part of Burnham Oral Surgery.

Q: Why did you become an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Dr. Anne Stearns: “I always wanted to be a doctor. [laughing] I’m showing my age here, but I remember watching episodes of St. Elsewhere and knowing I wanted to do something that helped people. I began working with an Oral Surgeon when I was in high school and was hooked from there.”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Burnham Oral Surgery

Dr. Anne Stearns: “The team! Dr. Burnham was recognized as a 2017 Top Dentist by 5280 Magazine and he dedicated the award to the Burnham Oral Surgery team. I couldn’t agree with his sentiment more and the team is the reason we are successful. They’ve been great in helping me get acclimated and they all have great, funny personalities.”

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to patients (former and potential), what would it be?

Dr. Anne Stearns: “Make sure to have your annual checkups with your dentist. This is the best way to keep a healthy mouth and identify any potential issues. Also, if you feel pain. Don’t ignore it. Postponing action can complicate a minor problem… I guess that’s two pieces of advice.”

Q: When not at Burnham Oral Surgery, where can you be found in Colorado?

Dr. Anne Stearns: “Possibly not in Colorado because I love to travel. When in town, I love hiking, riding my bike and hanging out with my dogs. Denver also has a lot of great restaurants so I like to try a new one whenever I can.”

Check out Dr. Stearns’ full bio here. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please call 303.451.6767 or click here.

Wisdom teeth removal, like any major surgery, can be stressful. From the initial consultation to the final recovery, it is imperative the oral surgeon and the patient take the necessary steps to ensure a successful surgery.

Wisdom teeth (the third molars) are the last teeth to come through the gums. When they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed. Unfortunately, most people have room in their mouth for only 28 teeth, not 32.

There are several benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed and Dr. Burnham shares a few of the top benefits below.

  1. Pain Reduction – Wisdom teeth erupting through sensitive gum tissue causes intense pain. As wisdom teeth erupt, surrounding teeth begin to shift changing an individual’s bite. The wisdom teeth push against nerves causing intense pain, headaches and chewing difficulties. Wisdom teeth removal can end this pain.
  2. Infection Prevention – Erupted wisdom teeth can partially break through gums, but fail to fully come in. This can lead to a huge risk of infection as food particles and bacteria can become trapped between the teeth and/or gums. Wisdom tooth removal is a great way to eliminate that risk.
  3. Netflix/Clearing DVR – With any surgery, there is a recovery time. Luckily, the recovery time for wisdom teeth removal is relatively short. However, you will still have time to catch up on your favorite shows.
  4. Ice Cream/Smoothies – Did I mention there is a short recovery time? During that time, you will not be able to eat any hard foods so ice cream and smoothies are always great options during this time.

With any surgery, there are pros and cons. A healthy relationship between the patient and oral surgeon is essential to deciding if wisdom tooth removal is the best course of action.

If you think you are ready to have your wisdom teeth removed or interested in a consultation, please contact Burnham Oral Surgery at 303.451.6767 and schedule an appointment.

Hello All. Hope everyone is having a great summer. We are quickly rolling through 2017 and it has been a great year at Burnham Oral Surgery. The past six months here have been really exciting and I wanted to dedicate this blog post to discuss some of the new, great things we have going on here.

In March, Dr. Anne Stearns joined the practice after spending the previous year at Summit Oral & Implant Surgery in Loveland, Colo. Dr. Stearns brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice and I could not be more thrilled to work with her. She will give you more background on herself next week when she shares her first blog post. Be sure to check back on Wednesday, Aug. 9th, for that.

In May, Burnham Oral Surgery was named 2017 Top Dentist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  by 5280 Magazine. This was a tremendous honor and I am truly thankful for the recognition. But really, it is about the Burnham Oral Surgery team.

Since the practice began, we have been open four days per week. With Dr. Stearns in place and a great team, it is finally time to open our doors five days per week. I’m thrilled we have this team in place to better serve the needs of the community and thankful for the opportunity.

The new office hours begin on Monday, August 7th.

Our goal has always been to provide personalized care and comfort throughout your treatment. We hope we have fulfilled that promise.

We’d love to hear from you on how you think we are doing. Please be sure to leave us review on our new reviews page. You can find the link here to get started.

Be sure to check back next week to learn more about Dr. Stearns.




Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. A healthy, full smile can impact personal and professional relationships. If you are afraid to show your smile due to a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants are the solution for you.

Dental implants are the closest resemblance to your natural teeth of any tooth replacement solution. Single or full-mouth implants can restore your smile and dental implants act just like your regular teeth.

A healthy, full smile is also important to oral and overall health. When a tooth is lost, it can affect the surrounding teeth causing them to drift into the space where the tooth had been. This can lead to shifts in your bite and the fracturing of other teeth.

Dental implants have the most positive impact on both short and long-term dental health. The implant will function and appear like natural teeth. Furthermore, dental implants will strengthen your jawbone to prevent bone loss.

With proper care and attention, your dental implants will last you a life time.

At Burnham Oral Surgery, we use advanced digital technology to plan and place your implants. A 3-D image will be obtained and digital virtual surgery technology will be utilized to ensure the best placement of the implant. We will explain your treatment to you in detail so that you have a good understanding of the procedures and technology that we use. Some of tools that we use are 3-D imaging, surgical guides and digital scanning to replace messy impressions.

Your new smile awaits.

Schedule a consultation with Burnham Oral Surgery and reclaim your healthy, full smile.