Burnham Oral Surgery
Michael A. Burnham, DDS, MD

The Burnham Oral Surgery Team: Meet Jessica

Jessica is a Surgical Assistant at Burnham Oral Surgery. Read below to learn more about her and the unique talent she displays around the office.

Q: How long have you been with Burnham Oral Surgery/when is your Burniversary?

Jessica: “I have been with Burnham oral surgery for almost 1 year. March 28th will be my Burniversary.”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Burnham Oral Surgery?

Jessica: “I know everyone says the team, but the team is just so amazing, they make coming to work so easy. The atmosphere is always so positive. Work doesn’t seem like work when you’re having fun!”

Q: When not at Burnham Oral Surgery, where can you be found in Colorado?

Jessica: “When not at work you can find me with my family. We normally go up to the mountains. Estes Park is one of our favorites, or, if it’s during summer, on a lake somewhere on the boat or jet skiing!”

Q. What’s something unique that people should know?

Jessica: “I wanted to go with food too, but spicy popcorn was already taken by my “work twin” so… I am pretty creative. I LOVE to draw and color and make things for people. I drew almost everyone is the office some cool drawings that are unique to each team member . :)”

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