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The Burnham Oral Surgery Team: Meet Andi

September 22, 2017
Posted By: Burnham Oral Surgery

Andi is part of the Burnham Oral Surgery and is affectionately known as “Pants” around the office. She tells you a little bit more about herself and why she enjoys being a part of Burnham Oral Surgery below.

Q: How long have you been with Burnham Oral Surgery and when is your Burniversary?
Andi: “I just celebrated 2 years! I started September 2, 2015.”

Q: What is your title and in your own words, describe your role.
Andi: “I was half of the front desk, I just recently moved to insurance coordinator so slowly learning all that!”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Burnham Oral Surgery
Andi: “I know this sounds cheesy, but honestly my team. Work is work, but when you work with people you consider as friends it all becomes more fun. They are all hilarious, and we all get along so well.”

Q: When not at Burnham Oral Surgery, where can you be found in Colorado?
Andi: “I love to hang out with my dog, go to concerts (more specifically at Redrocks). I also am a huge foodie so anything to do with food, or drinks I am in!”

Q: Tacos or pizza?
Andi: “TACOS! All day every day!”

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