When you need to visit the oral surgeon, it can be somewhat daunting. At Burnham Oral Surgery we know this, so we have done everything we can to create a calm environment where patients feel safe and well cared for. When you come through our doors, we want you to feel confident about your treatment, knowing you are in well-experienced hands.

We Provide a Comfortable Atmosphere

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into our office is the beautiful mural of the San Juan Upper Valley. Because it is of the sunrise, we feel it ideally represents our passion for providing our patients with renewed oral health. We have created an inviting office space around this focal point.

Other amenities we offer include satellite radio in the treatment room so you can listen to your favorite music; we also provide noise-canceling headphones so you can block out the sometimes unnerving sounds of a dental office. Soft blankets and heated neck pillows offer welcome comfort and warmth.

We offer complimentary beverages in the reception area for you as well as friends or family members who might accompany you on your appointment.

We Offer Leading-Edge Technology

Our office was designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, but we also emphasize leading-edge technology. We offer 3D cone-beam CT scans, which is invaluable planning complex treatments, such as implant placement and oral surgery. Other high-tech tools include digital impressions, nitrous oxide, panoramic x-rays, intraoral cameras, digital radiographs, and electric handpieces. With high-tech oral and maxillofacial treatment, we can provide our patients with better diagnoses, planning, and outcomes.

We Provide the Services You Need

From wisdom teeth extraction to dental implant placement, from bone grafting to oral pathology, we offer the oral and maxillofacial treatment you need.

Dr. Michael Burnham, Dr. Anne Stearns, and the entire team work hard to provide the very best in oral surgical care. We look forward to collaborating with your general dentist or doctor to come up with the treatment plan that will give you the optimal outcome.

Giving Back to the Community

Dr. Burnham and his team are proud volunteers for the Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM). Every year, this organization holds a large-scale dental clinic in a different Colorado community. COMOM’s goal is to ensure that people who otherwise do not have access to dental care can be treated at no cost.

We look forward to welcoming you to Burnham Oral Surgery and helping to restore your dental health! Please call us 303-451-6767 to make an appointment for a consultation.