Cone-Beam CT Scan

If you are coming to us for placement of dental implants, you can feel confident that we are using state-of-the-art technology.

High-tech dentistry means you can be optimistic about more accurate treatment, and your doctor can make more reliable diagnoses, identify potential issues more accurately, and provide treatment with utmost confidence.

Dr. Michael Burnham uses advanced digital technology to plan and place your implants. One of the tools we use is dental cone beam computed tomography (CT), a distinct type of x-ray that makes a 360-degree rotation around the patient. It gives us a three-dimensional image of the teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ear, nose, and throat. It is used for higher-level dentistry because it provides such a clear image. It is particularly useful for planning dental implant placement, getting a clear view of abnormal teeth, evaluating the jaw and face, and diagnosing dental trauma.

When you come in for a consultation, we will explain all of your treatment to you in detail so that you have a good understanding of the procedures we recommend for you and the technology that we use. If you have any questions, be sure to give Burnham Oral Surgery a call!

Using Technology for Unparalleled Accuracy

The 3-D system uses beam CT technology and provides a more precise image than the traditional CT scanner. You are exposed to less radiation because we can hone in on a specific area, depending on your treatment needs. This system means we can perform a broader range of diagnoses and treatments in our office at the same appointment, meaning fewer return trips for you.

Dr. Burnham can easily share the 3-D images with your referring dentist to collaborate on treatment to help ensure a better outcome.

This technology enables us to do a virtual surgery before the actual procedure, which means that we can ensure the best placement of the implant. We can also make a smaller, more precise incision so healing times are much quicker.

The Cone-Beam CT Scan Procedure

The procedure itself is simple, and you will not have to make any special preparations beforehand. Metal objects, however, might affect the images, so we will ask you to take off jewelry, glasses, and dentures before the examination. If you know or suspect you are pregnant, be sure to mention this ahead of time.

During the procedure, all you need to do is lie very still in the exam chair after we ensure that you are appropriately positioned. The machine makes a 360-degree rotation around you for less than a minute, capturing the desired images.

There is no pain during the procedure or lasting effects afterward. As soon as we are finished, you can go about your day as usual.

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